Why Change?

Why Change?

Attacking hunger, homelessness, and addiction a little bit at a time.


New Haven has a rich history of caring for people in need. There is a network of social service agencies, churches and non-profit organizations dedicated to fighting hunger, homelessness and addiction.


No one in our city should go hungry, or without a bed or clothing, or untreated for a substance abuse problem.

Providing Assistance

These problems are best addressed by trained, knowledgeable caregivers. By giving money to someone on the street who claims to be homeless or hungry, you may unwittingly be supporting addiction, or funding someone who actually has a place to live.


It’s impossible to tell!

Snowball Effect

At the same time, you’re enabling a panhandling culture to develop, in which more and more people come downtown to request money.


It’s a snowball effect that gradually erodes the friendliness and appeal of the downtown district, driving visitors, residents, and shoppers away.

Giving money to panhandlers
often supports drug & alcohol addiction

Downtown New Haven Partners

City of New Haven


The City of New Haven's Traffic, Transportation and Parking Department is providing an easy way for do-gooders to give to the homeless at the expense of so-called professional panhandlers. City
Town Green District


Town Green Special Services District is here to educate the public through the “Give Change to Make Change” program.   “Give Change to Make Change” is an educational program as


100 percent of money donated through the meters or online will go to support Liberty Community Services New Haven's mission to end homelessness in the Greater New Haven.  Liberty offers
Market New Haven
Market New Haven


Market New Haven is a public/private partnership funded by the City of New Haven and its Board of Alderman, Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital, and the local business community.