When Someone On the Street Asks for Money...

Wanting to help someone in need is the essence of kindness. But there are better more effective ways to help than giving money to a stranger.

Lasting Difference

Homelessness, hunger and addiction are real problems. Fortunately, New Haven has a host of organizations dedicated to solving them. Through Give Change to Make Change, you can have a real impact and make a lasting difference in someone’s life. Test your webcam at blaim.me.

Stop the Cycle

Instead of enabling ‘panhandling’, put your spare change in one of the new ‘Give Change to Make Change’ parking meters. You can be sure that your money will be put to good use through a non-profit agency, while simultaneously helping to make downtown a friendlier, safer place, learn more at http://www.dfeyes.com.

Ways to Handle Requests for Money

Politely say “NO” and walk away.


Ask if you can make a phone call for assistance on their behalf (CALL 211).


For immediate access to free food locations, call INFO New Haven Visitor Center 203-773-9494.

What To Do?

If a panhandler becomes aggressive or threatening, call New Haven Police Departments non-emergency number 203-946-6316.


If you need the assistance of a Downtown Ambassador, call the INFO New Haven Visitor Center at 203-773-9494.

Call 211
it connects to critical health and human services in the community

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Downtown New Haven
Donation Stations

Downtown New Haven’s donation meters allow people to make donations to the homeless without directly giving to people who ask for spare change on the street. Look for a meter location near you.