Want to Really Help?

You don’t want your $$ to support a drug or alcohol habit! New Haven has services for homeless individuals and people with addictions. Make sure your money works towards a solution!

Online Donations

Liberty Community Services’ mission is to end homelessness in Greater New Haven. We offer services to homeless individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS, mental illness and/or addiction. We offer a free breakfast program (Sunrise Café) and an employment program for people who are homeless (RESPECT Program) as ways to combat hunger and homelessness.

Meter Donations

A network of new ‘Parking Meters’ for collecting change are located in downtown New Haven. All donations are directed to Liberty Community Services whose mission is to end homelessness in the Greater New Haven area, as well as the contributing causes of mental illness and addiction. If you really want to help, donate at one of these locations, knowing that your money will be used effectively.

Meters are located at:

Corner of Chapel & College outside INFO New Haven

College Street Garage Lobby

Corner of York & Chapel outside of the Yale Rep

Corner of Broadway & Elm by the pop-up Peabody Museum

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